BHI provides prompt, professional, and cost-effective dispute resolution through our affiliate, Bais Hora'ah Etz Chaim in Brooklyn, New York. Led by Harav Chaim Kohn, the Bais Hora'ah offers both mediation services and Din Torah/ Arbitration. The Bais Hora'ah typically issues a final psak (verdict) within fourteen days from the final submission of arguments and documentation from the parties.

Please note that the Bais Hora'ah does not send out Hazmanos (summonses). Upon request, the Bais Hora'ah will contact the counterparty to invite them to resolve that matter in the Bais Hora'ah, but will not apply any pressure, and only issues that both parties voluntarily agree to present to the Bais Hora'ah are dealt with. 
Please note that once the parties submit to the Bais Hora'ah and execute the arbitration agreement, the psak din (verdict) is legally enforceable in civil court. Sessions are held at our Bais Hora'ah at 1937 Ocean Avenue.

Download a copy of the shtar berurin (arbitration agreement)

Download a shtar harshoa (power of attorney document)