Here is what others have said about the hotline

“I had a very positive experience using the Institute for business dealings. They provided the exact information and service I was looking for. Yasher Ko’ach!” – JW

“I was very impressed with the quick response to my halachic question. Being ’out-of-town‘, it is sometimes more difficult to ask a rav a shailah. The hotline is an easy way to get a true informative perspective. Yasher Koach to everyone who puts in the time and effort for this wonderful service.” – DB

“The hotline enabled me to clarify my thoughts in order to write a precise shaila regarding the ethical situation I found myself in. The written response then empowered me to carry out the required action that previously I had been struggling with. Thank you.” – DN, Baltimore, MD


“What a bracha to have this hotline. When I found myself in a situation that resulted in a potential chiyuv of thousands of dollars, it was a relief knowing that I could get in touch with top rabbonim who are experts in Choshen Mishpat to guide me in making the proper decisions. Yasher Koach on your great work.” – YP, Los Angeles, California


“Thank you very much for your response to my She'ila. Your response was short, to the point, and easy to understand. Thank you for your service.” – AF


"I recently purchased shares in a nursing home where very serious halachic issues including Shabbos, Yom Tov, Kashrus, and Ribbis had to be dealt with. BHI arranged for me to meet with an expert in this area who advised me on the different options. I was impressed with the professionalism and efficiency of the service, as well as their ability to match me with the best Rav to address my issue."

Ari W.


"I found the Rabbi to be very personable. The questions were answered directly with clear direction. It took only a very small amount of time to get warmed up and comfortable."

Norman K


"I have found the Business Halacha Institute to be a wonderful resource. Baruch Hashem that the frum world is zocheh to have such people among them." — N.S.


“I contacted the hotline because I needed answers to important shailos. Baruch Hashem, I was quickly contacted, and received clear and understandable answers.” – T.G.


"I posed a complicated question regarding responsibility in a car accident to Business Halacha. They got back to me promptly with a general overview and answer to my question and a recommendation for both parties to take the issue to a competent Rov or Bais Din, which they offered to arrange. I encourage anyone with monetary disputes to use this amazing service." – D.J.


“We appreciate the availability of the Halacha Institute. In my business experience, we are most often faced with "shades of gray" rather than clear "black and white" issues, and the Halacha Institute provides business owners with access to proper halacha in a timely manner.” – L.M.S.